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After some time without operating as a daily News website we will provide you not with daily but yes with News about the Caribbean Village in the south of the Island of Margarita / Venezuela....

There have been mayor changes in the village since the last time we reported from here...  we will try our best to keep you informed about the most important but more we will be back to provide you with latest images, Fotos and Videos, some little reports, and help you with your Travel to El Yaque.....  

Tune in every now and than to be a little closer to us and maybe we´ll see you here again or for the first time one day !!!!!


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El Yaque Stars rippin´

The four protagonists of the "ElYaque -Pueblo de Campeones" Movie and Top Windsurfers on the world Tour five times worldchampion Gollito Estredo, three times worldchampion Ricardo Campello and the vice worldchamps Yoli de Brendt and Cheo Diaz rippin Freestyle to get prepared for the PWA Worldcup at El Yaque Beach in Tom Brendt´s diary video

Tom Brendt diaries....


El Yaque News author Tom Brendt´s Video Blog, filmed and edited at El Yaque Beach and the Island of Margarita

1498 Archive  

The Documentation of Caribbean Life

There are statistics, wind, temperatures, swell, rain as indication about how and when El Yaque works for a wind addicted tourist or sportsman. Many people don´t really believe in the statistics, they could have been trimmed a little to a Spot´s favour or just not be accurate enough, sometimes weather stations are far away from the favourite Spot and no real dates available. Instead of checking and rechecking numbers, El Yaque News not only offers the service of daily news and reports, by now a huge archive of News, Happenings, and tons of Images have been collected and true history of El Yaque can always be checked by date and months....  Just check our 1498 El Yaque News Archive and enjoy....

Rewarded Movie

The life of Gollito Estredo


It is a must see for just anybody, the new Movie about El Yaque hero Gollito Estredo is now online and to watch for free....  enjoy and share some very special moments !!


Andre Paskowski´s latest movie "Rewarded" is out now! A story about 5 times World Champ Gollito Estredo you should watch for sure - nominated for the X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival! Read the interview & watch the movie here:


Pre Premiere 

El Yaque - home of Champions


This friday 26 of October the pre - premiere of the movie "El Yaque - Pueblo de Campeones" (El Yaque - village of champions) will take place as part of the V Cinema Festival of latin america and the caribbean 2012 - The pre premiere will be shown in Cines Unidos at the Sambil Shopping Mall and tells the story of El Yaque heroes 3 times Worldchampion Ricardo Campello,  5 times Worldchampion Gollito Estredo, vize worldchampion Yoli de Brendt and vize worldchampion Cheo Diaz... take the chance, be there if you are around !!!

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