Online poker - How do you make money playing the game?

Can you actually make money playing online poker? This is one question most people have when they look at online casinos. Did you know that there are players who make thousands of dollars every month by just playing and winning online poker on websites like silver-onlinecasino ? Surprised? Just like how some people convert their hobbies and passions into money, gamblers and gamers can convert their gaming skills into money! Can all online casinos be trusted and played in? Unfortunately no. When you pick the right casino, you have a fair chance of winning the poker game you play.

How to start making money playing online poker?

Start by finding low stake games from reputed online casinos. Check if the casino is licensed and its reviews on gaming forums. Once you are satisfied, find the lowest stake tables. Some of these tables have stakes starting at $1. When you pick high-stakes, winning is more difficult. However, you can start winning fast with these micros (low stake games). Give this strategy a try. This is also a great way to practice playing multiple games instead of losing in a single high-stake game. Other very useful and practical strategies you should keep in mind are given below.

  • Have an aggressive strategy and stick to it.
  • Increase your stakes slowly as you get more confident.
  • Do not bet more than you are ready to lose.

Many online poker players talk about 'TAG'. This is called a Tight and Aggressive Game. When you choose a TAG style, you will be very picky about choosing the right game and the hands you deal with. You play aggressively after flops. You consider the poker game an intensive game of chess. You think multiple times about the moves you are going to make. Slowly start increasing your bet. Every time you win, increase your bet by a small value. Even the world's greatest poker player will lose as much as he wins. Only bet the money you are ready to let go without regrets.

You might be surprised but poker gamers who make considerable money regularly have amazing theoretical knowledge about the game. There are so many books that help you become a professional poker player. Start by investing in some of these books and invest time in reading them. You should also know all the rules of the online poker game you choose to play. Each casino has a different set of rules and following them to the dot is important. Be ready to spend several hours playing multiple rounds to break even and start winning. Time is very important when it comes to winning.

Why is online poker better for those looking to make money?

When you play poker in a physical casino, the rakes are much higher. Rake is a percentage of the money from each pot that goes out to the casino for hosting the game. The rake is higher because the casino gives you space, the right ambiance, a live dealer, and other facilities. In online casinos, all they give you is a virtual space to play in. Hence, the rake is much lower and your winnings will increase. You can also play multi-tables when you play online and increase your chances of making big winnings. Multi-table games are those where you play at several tables at once.

Also, online poker games can be played at any time of the day, anywhere you want, in the middle of the night, or even when you are traveling out for work. This gives you more chances to play multiple rounds and hence improve your chance of winning more too. The last tip to win money playing online poker is to love the game. You cannot be good at the game unless you really like playing it. If you enjoy playing the game, you will naturally start devising strategies and tricks to improve your performance and start winning more too.